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The engine in your vehicle is what keeps your car running and working. It is no surprise that if your engine isn’t in great shape, your car won’t be, either, and you’ll need to visit your local auto repair shop.

There are a few ways that you’ll know your engine is in need of repairs:

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There are many different types of engine problems that can occur, ranging from minor issues like a faulty spark plug to major issues like a blown head gasket. Some common signs that an engine may need repair include a decrease in performance, strange noises coming from the engine, and difficulty starting the vehicle.

To diagnose and repair engine problems, our mechanics will use specialized tools and equipment to test various components of the engine. They may also use computerized diagnostic equipment to identify the root cause of the problem. Once the problem has been identified, your Arbor mechanic will repair or replace the faulty component.

Engine repair can be expensive, especially if it requires major repairs or replacements. It is important to keep up with regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups, to help prevent major engine problems from occurring. In addition, it is important to address any engine issues as soon as they are noticed, as ignoring them can lead to further damage and more expensive repairs.

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