How Important are Regular Oil Changes?

Oil ChangeYou’ve heard time and again how important it is to get regular oil changes for your car, but why? An oil change is one of the most economical and easy ways to keep your car healthy and in top running condition. In case you were wondering why, we’ve put together a quick list of why oil changes are so good for your vehicle.

  • Improves your gas mileage – regular oil changes can save you money in fuel savings! Sufficient engine lubrication allows your engine to run properly without consuming more fuel.
  • Removes dirt and sludge – When dirt gets into your engine it can cause corrosion and decrease your engine’s life span. Oil breaks down over time and becomes sludge, it’s important to keep your engine clean of dirt particles and sludge in order to protect it.
  • Keeps your engine cooler – The moving parts in your engine create friction and heat. By ensuring that your engine parts are properly lubricated you can keep the friction to a minimum and help you engine run cooler.
  • Protects your vehicle’s life span – Routine maintenance of your vehicle will keep it in better condition and keep it running longer. Dirty oil makes your engine run hotter and work harder, ultimately shortening it’s overall life. Oil changes are also a great opportunity for a mechanic to inspect your vehicle for any obvious signs of damage and make needed repairs.
  • Helps to protect your car’s value – regular maintenance is such an important aspect of your car’s health and overall value that cars that show a record of regular oil changes have a higher value at resale.

Oil changes are an important part of your car’s regular maintenance. At Arbor Auto Works, we want to help you have the healthiest car possible. Contact our team for a quick and easy oil change appointment today.

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