Auto Air Conditioning: Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Air Conditioning RepairIn Texas, your car’s air conditioning system is not a luxury item, but a necessity. As the days grow warmer, it’s important to ensure that your ac system is working well and ready for the intensity of an Austin summer. Working with a trained and experienced auto air conditioning repair technician, like a member of the team at Arbor Auto Works, is a great way to make sure that your car’s air is as cold as it should be.

We know that your car’s air conditioning system can be confusing, so we’ve included some of the most commonly asked questions we get about vehicle ac:

  • Why isn’t my air cooling my car as well as before?
    • You may have a leak. One of the most common reasons for diminished cooling in your car is due to low refrigerant caused by a leak. If you have a leak, the first sign is that you can’t keep the interior of your car as cool as you did before. Your ac system should be maintenance free and not need to recharged with refrigerant. If your level is low, you should bring your car to a professional and have them help you locate and repair the leak in your system and recharge your system.
  • Are there any warning lights that indicate an air conditioning problem?
    • No, most vehicles do not have a warning light to indicate air conditioning problems.
  • Why does my car’s ac smell funny?
    • If your car’s air smells off then you may have an old or dirty air cabin filter that needs to be replaced, or you could have a moldy evaporator case. A quick inspection can help us determine how to fix the problem.

Your car’s air is vital part of enjoying your vehicle to the fullest. Don’t let air conditioning issues go untreated. Contact the friendly team at Arbor Auto Works and let us help you get the best possible ac for your car.

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